Friday, September 30, 2011

"Creativity is not something you wait for"

Three times a week I receive inspirational messages via email from Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the book series "Conversations With God."  He titles these short little emails "I believe God wants you to know."

Today I received the message below.  It's the perfect message for me right now.  When you read it and you reach the word "Linda" put your own name in that first sentence.  Perhaps it will be the perfect message for you too.

On this day of your life, Linda, I believe God wants you to know...

...that creativity is not something you wait for.

It is something that waits for you.

You must decide to be creative, not wait to be.

You must challenge yourself. Pick up the brush.

Grab hold of the camera. Turn on the computer.

Start cooking the meal. Get to the workplace early.

Propose the solution. Advance the idea.

Become the answer.

How do you suppose these very words were written by me?

Do you think I have time to wait for "an inspiration"?

I must be the inspiration. And so must you.

Print this out and put it right in front of you today.

So I printed this email and it's now taped to the shelf above my printer.  It will be a reminder that I have everything inside me already to inspire me, to release that creativity I am seeking and allow me to BE the artist I was born to be.  I hope this inspires you too!
Linda Harbin
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  1. Hi Linda, I am very behind in blogging...trying to make it a part of my mornings now that Facebook has changed so much :(
    This is a perfect little message for me to read today, I have been up North for a month after my moms fall and hip surgery and dad's back surgery, oh how I longed to create something. I will today, thanks for the "push"...xo

  2. Hi Kathy! Sorry to hear of your mom and dad's health situations and hope they are recovering now. Glad you enjoyed the post - Happy Arting!