Sunday, December 19, 2010

Original Art from the ArtMix Guild on

Blue Dryad original watercolor drawing Framed and ready to hang

On, artisans can join a guild, a group of like-minded artisans. ArtMix Guild is a group of mixed media artists.

The above original watercolor art showcases the talent of Stacey Merrill, one of the members of ArtMix.  This beautiful art is available in Stacey's studio, ArtSnark, on

Stacey offers mixed media art, as well as watercolor art and other mediums.

Follow this link to visit her shop, and tell her "Linda said to say Hi!"

Today may be the last day to shop for Christmas....           Go for it!

Linda Harbin


  1. Wow! Thanks so much, Linda :D What a wonderful surprise - you've made my day

  2. So pretty! WhaT PASSION IS IN HER EYES...(sorry...hit the cap lock key!) What is she thinking...?