Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Crowabout Entry for Week 55 - Oct 9, 2009

Well, I took the plunge and entered the weekly Crowabout challenge. First you pick up a full sheet of elements from Nancy B. at Crowabout on Flickr - she posts a new one each Saturday. Then you create your own collage using at least three of Nancy's designs or elements from her sheet, and post it back on Flickr on your own page, then add it to the Crowabout collection.

I loved the Week 55 element sheet with the photo of a dog and two cats with their heads wrapped up, a Victorian lady in a long dark dress, hearts, words and other small colorful elements.

This is my creation named "Next?"

The three fuzzy friends wait outside the orange door of The Bow Wow Meow Clinic. The nurse finally appears and asks "Next?" to choose who goes through the Cat Dog door.

I chose an 8" x 8" canvas board and based it in black acrylic. I used mostly Nancy's photos and elements. I added orange scrapbook paper for the clinic door, papers for the pointy sign on the left, stickers for the word "next?" and wooden beads on the clinic and for the door knob.

What fun it was to make this collage! It certainly did take me outside the box of my usual painting and drawing. This kind of collage where you are given the designs and photos is almost like creating a drawing from puzzle pieces.

Try it yourself! I'll bet you will like it too.


  1. This is gorgeous! I love how it turned out! I've got to get back to doing Crowabout...

  2. How fun !! So glad you joined in :)

  3. What a fun piece, Linda! Love the concept!