Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crowabout Week 56 "A Horse is a horse, is a horse..."

The element page from crowabout for Week 56 was all western images, complete with a gun-tottin cowgirl. While I liked the cowgirl and the words "WANTED" and could see making a wanted poster, I kept reading the words "A Horse is a Horse, is a Horse.." and then I remembered the tune. Those were the words to the theme song for the TV show "Mr. Ed" back in the '60s.

I enlarged the photo of the kids in their vintage western clothes and used the horses and words from the Week 56 page. I added dimensional cowboy boots, a longhorn steer, and other paper designs.

Crowabout is so much fun. Each week a new page of elements is posted, and each artist makes a collage from them, using at least 3 of the elements. Next week it's about circus performers, so I'm getting ready to start my design. Why not join us?