Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Ghosts for my yard!!

I absolutely LOVE this circle of dancing ghosts.  I am going out tomorrow to find the supplies and will post a photo when mine are finished!

Are YOU ready for Halloween?

Midwestie Lady


  1. What supplies do you need to make the dancing ghost circle? That is so cool!

  2. What were the supplies? I cant find directions anywhere.

  3. Each ghost is created using a beach ball for the head, and a length of rerod stuck in the ground to support the ghost. Put the beach ball on the top of the rerod. The rest is made of white shower curtains from the Dollar store. Paint the beach ball white using spray paint. Put a shower curtain over the beach ball and gather it around the bottom to form the neck. Then gather it again several inches down to form the waist. Take another shower curtain and wrap it around the neck and extend the ends to form the arms. Tie the arms together to the next ghost. or use a twistie to connect them. Add another shower curtain around the waist to make the skirt fuller if you want to. Put orange and red little lights in the pile of leaves to look like a fire.