Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've been PUBLISHED by Stampington ... on page 60!

I've had a very exciting week!  Last Friday I received an email from GreenCraft, one of Stampington's magazines, that they were going to feature two of my art projects from a recent challenge in the fall issue of GreenCraft and they asked me to write the article.  I had created a set of seven containers for my art brushes using tin cans covered with images of birds, bird nests and eggs from two of Stampington's calendars.  I also created a banner using dresses cut from their calendars, adding sets of legs to some of the dresses and hanging them from a twine clothesline with little wood clothespins.  I spent several hours this weekend writing and editing this article, list of materials and tips, and will be sending it to them today.

Yesterday I headed out to run errands and drove up to my mailbox.  Inside was a thick magazine wrapped in clear wrap.  I thought it was a catalog and turned it over.  There on a yellow page was a letter from Stampington saying "Congratulations! You've been published in...Somerset Studio Gallery.  We would like to congratulate you on being published and hope you enjoy this complimentay copy that you can share with family and friends before it hits the newsstands!"  It went on to wish me luck in my artistic endeavors and hope that I would continue to share my creations with them.

I was puzzled and decided that they had sent me a copy of Somerset Studio Gallery by mistake.  I thought that because I was working with GreenCraft magazine that there was a mix-up.  Then in a few minutes, I began to wonder if my art really was in this issue of Somerset Studio Gallery.  I decided to look through the magazine..and on page 60, I found my art!

They published my poppy art that I submitted months ago.  This canvas was a combination of my original drawing and painting of poppies mixed with textured rocks made from house paint, scraps of paper and a quote from John Keats.  This is one of the few pieces I've done where I drew something and painted it; I usually use vintage photos.   (Check back here next week for the tutorial on using house paint for texture.)

I was so surprised - I almost couldn't believe it!  The first time you see your art published, you see your name and city, and you want to tell everyone!  I closed the magazine, drove towards Crystal River, then reached for my cell phone to call my family in Orlando and my friends with this good news.  I've been published!!!  But I had left my cell phone at home.  I made those calls last night and am sharing the news today with my Melange Team on Etsy, on Facebook and with this blog article.  I've been submitting art to Stampington for over two years and dreaming of being published some day.

So within five days, I've received news that my art will be published by Stampington two times.  The Summer 2011 issue of Somerset Studio Gallery where my poppy art is on page 60 will be in bookstores soon. The   GreenCraft fall issue with my article will be out August 1.  This feature will include links to my shops, my blog and my email too.

Thanks for sharing my celebration over my good news and joining in my happy dance!

Linda Harbin

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  1. That is just marvelous midwestielady. I am so happy for you. I bet you are thrilled.


  2. Absolutely a thrill, Linda!! Congratulations, you are on your way, two pieces within days.....I knew you could do it!!

  3. Congratulations Linda! It's a beautiful piece, I can see why they published it!!!