Monday, September 20, 2010

What does Excellent Customer Service look like?

This week was Christmas for me! Over the years, I've read lots of articles and blogs about customer service. I've included many of the ideas in my own shop, craft shows and other venues. This week, I received a package in the mail that was the perfect example of EXCELLENT customer service.

I ordered fibers, decorative yarns, from a seller on Etsy. I want to include some colorful fibers in my mixed media art and as accents in my packages and on my journals I'm making. I spent quite a bit of time on Etsy looking at all the different types and colors of fibers and finally chose a seller that offered a variety of fibers.

After a couple of emails where I explained what I was looking for and she explained what she had, I ordered 2 yards each of 10 different colors/types, and let her choose for me.

I received a brown Kraft envelope and when I opened it, this is when my Christmas in September began. This is what I saw first:

My package was a clear cello envelope wrapped and tied with ivory tulle tied in the center with a pink silk ribbon. Two lovely tags were attached to the center, a vintage image of a little girl and a stamped "Thank you."

As I untied the tulle and ribbon, I found my next surprise - a stack of three beautiful gifts tags in separate cello envelopes. Two tags were chip board and one was a Kraft paper tag with bunnies and glitter. What beautiful freebies!

Then I discovered that each separate color and type of fiber was wrapped on a single, scented Kraft tag and enlcosed in a separate, sealed cello bag:

I carefully unwrapped each fiber package so I could hang up the fibers to let them straighten out. I don't think that ironing them is an option and I also love the look of them hanging in my art studio. Then I realized that I now had a collection of stained, scented Kraft tags that the fibers were wrapped on - tags that I could use for gifts or giveaways. Some of the tags I received were stamped with designs and colors, others were plain, but all were unique and beautiful!

As I unwrapped this package of fibers, it did feel like a Christmas gift. I felt like the seller really cared about choosing my fibers and delivering them to me in a personal way. I sent her a message thanking her for the beautiful fibers and the amazing packages, and asked her permission to share my experience here on MidwestieLady. She agreed, saying:

"Yes, yes, please ---you may ----Blessings to you! I love to sell on Etsy. So my heart and soul goes into all that I do. Thank you so much.
If it inspires or helps, yes ... by all means... I would be honored for sure.
hugs and stay in touch!
Jezelle -very happy!"

Jezelle does put her heart and soul into her shop, MonarchLineage, and I'm sure that every purchase from her is handled just like mine was!

Here they are - my purchase of colorful fibers, including some freebie fiber too!

Thank you, Jezelle, for giving me Christmas in September!

I received a message from Jezelle today, thanking me for posting this article about her, and telling me that she is moving to Maine and will have to temporarily close her shop. So if you stop by to see her shop, it's closed for a bit, but she will open it after she gets settled in Maine. Jezelle, I hope your move goes smoothly!

Linda Harbin


  1. OOOO so pretty! Your tags will look wonderful with those fibers.

  2. You're correct, Linda, that seller is over the top! Congratulations to Jezelle for letting us share in your like-Christmas fun in September!

  3. Nice gift! In my opinion, Excellent customer service must have excellent customer service skills, a clear speaking voice. Excellent customer service also must have an enthusiastic and positive attitude. I believe that treating the customer so politely makes them so comfortable with your services.

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  4. Wow! Miss Jezelle knows exactly how to please her customers. Those fabrics are wonderful and the tags are simply extraordinary! Her products clearly show how passionate she is with her work. Nice! She truly deserves this recognition.

    Noreen Clay